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Chauvet – Rogue R2 Wash

Weight: 9.25
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The Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash is from the same range that includes the R2 Spot, R1 Wash and Rouge R1 Spot. It’s the R1’s bigger brother with 19 RGBW LED’s instead of 7.

The Rogue R2 LED Wash is a quad-color RGBW LED moving head with zone-segmented LED control for amazing visual effects. Chauvet’s Rouge R2 LED Wash has smooth pan and tilt with a fantastic zoom range of 8° to 30° and incredibly smooth color blending.

This new Rogue R2 Wash light from Chauvet has a very small footprint and is great for wash lighting sets and stages, uplighting, effects and with its visual effects creates some fantastic eye candy for on set and stage.

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Weight 9.25 kg